iPhone & iPad



    20+ days

    4 to 6 hours

We provide in-depth training in every section with the deep schematic-based guide as well as a hand guide using professional tools. Furthermore, we provide you with the following assets for you to practice and keep for yourself.

– From A8 to A15 iPhone 6 to 13 pro max

– Dead board – 5 pieces

– ID board (OK) – 8 Pieces (13 pieces total)


After completion of the class, 5 days will be dedicated to solving any problem the students live in class.

  • I phone 6 to 12 pro max’s power sequence, section, circuit in detail.

  • Efficient installation and removing process of A8 to A14 CPU’s.

  • Live Problem solution and fault finding with hand to hand practice.

  • Memory (NAND) upgrade, Date recovery (Board swipe).

  • Pin details of all IC’s [CPU, NAND, CPU Base-band, PMU & BT].

  • Ring (Middle frame) removing and re-installation.

  • Hardware security repair (face id, Finger print).

  • Fault finding of IC’s problems by schematic in efficient way.

  • Find out Shorting, leakage, high boot, low boot in few seconds.

  • Different high quality tools as per practical needs. Pre heater [WL, JC, Sunshine] JC pro, I repair UV Masking, Jumper, & Thermal camera details.

  • Data, Signal, Clock frequency [many more] checking using DSO & MSO.

  • Brand new in depth step by step schematic reading (6+tools).

  • Schematics, Datasheet and Board view files Support after training.

  • Offline diode value of each sections.

  • Online methods of identifying problematic section (PMI, RAM, and CPU) with DC supply.

  • 5000+ real life and 200+panic problems solutions in pdf format. After course completion.

  • Up to Date recently researched Content [100+ detailed sections].

  • Guided solutions of students [technicians] real problems after training completion.

*Bonus: – Online carrier unlocking (3+free websites).