TV Advance

Technician Level Course (Min 3 hrs to 8 hrs class) : TV Advance

Recovery the TV Hardware & software failure on different parts which leads television to stop working like no power supply, Automatic turn and off, TV stuck on etc. For the repairing of the TV should have a good knowledge on all the components so that ones can easily find out the problem of it by replacing or repairing it .For this good knowledge and familiar with the tools and component alliance has been the best Repairing Training center of Nepal for all TV repairing either the problem may be on Hardware due to physical damage or any software issue. The Contents  to solve this issue are:


  • Electronic all component details
  • ALL section problems and solution by schematic
  •  TV power & inverter board testing using
  • BIOS update & flash with BIOS
  • Test and repair back light
  • Setup Universal board
  • Repair using schematics diagrams
  • Panel setting & Cuff IC repair
  • Letest Emmc, Read write pin out training
    by UFI, Easy Ztag, RT809H


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