Projector : Software

Projector software issue like not connecting to the Projecting device, no projector detected, Firmware problem etc. can cause a problem in the software of Projector. For solving these software issue alliance gives a high training skills on software bases .Alliance is Top Repairing Training center to solve these software issues.


  • Projector Motherboard Information
  •  Projector Motherboard Basic Electronic
  •  Projector Dead Problem Repair
  •  Projector Restart Problem Repair
  •  Projector Lens Problem
  •  Projector Problem 1. Colours from projector distorted on the image
  •  Projector Problem 2. Lines / Dots on the image
  •  Projector Problem 3. Projector overheating
  •  Projector Problem 4. Projector turning on then turning off straight away
  •  Projector Problem 5. Projector on but no image
  •  Projector Problem 6. Shadows appearing on the image
  •  Projector Problem 7. A dull image being produced
  •  Projector Problem 8. Projector inputs not working
  •  Projector Problem 9. Colour around the edge of the image
  •  Projector Problem 10. Projector Lamp door switch broken
  •  Projector is not turning on when pushing the power button.
  •  Projector is not getting a signal or is not projecting the computer picture.
  •  Projector is only projecting a partial image or part of the image is cut off.
  •  The Projector powers on, but the LED light on the top is blinking.
  •  My Laptop shows full desktop but Projector is only showing Wallpaper without Icons.