Machine and box Training

Mobile : machine and box training

Machine and  Box training includes the Training based on different mobile software of all box with minimum 15 software box training like easyztag,ufi box,wuxinji,f finder,zxw,2 nad 3 online special hardware tool training. With all the knowledge based on these machine and box to operate and problem during the repairing of mobile. Alliance will make you familiar and expert with these tools to repair all brands mobile using this machine and Box. Training are given to a person how to use the mobile repairing machine like bga machine, laminate machine, soldering tools as well as many more .

Some Machine used in training are as follows ;-

  • mobile software all box training minimum 15 software box training
  • easyztag, ufi box, wuxinji, f finder, zxw, 2 nad 3 online special hardware tool training.
  • oca machine,touch ,cuttor machine,
  • bga reboling full training
  • sd-809 box full training,svod3,enit,rt809f,rt809h etc..
  • Online, Class लिन सक्नुहुने  ।
  • एक पटक office अबस्य visit गर्नु होला ।


  • Pratical time मा हरेक Student लाई per person CRO Microscope, DC Supply, Hotgun, Iron, all set,  दिएर Training गराईनेछ ।