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The iPhone is a line of Touch Screen based SmartPhones designed and marketed by Inc. Mostly iPhone use the Hardware components such as Screen and input, sensors, audio and output, battery, camera, Storage, etc.

To solve all the issue on iPhone alliance is providing the advance iPhone training in Kathmandu, Nepal. Alliance is providing the training for all the issue Aries on the iPhone either it may be due to the hardware failure or software crash. guaranteed Training in Kathmandu  is provided for repairing  Hardware of iPhone including all advance level chip training as well as also the software issue like logo stuck, boot loop ,I cloud unlock ,passcode unlock etc.Course Contain in Iphone are :-

Advance Course

  • Basic Knowledge About iPhone Motherboard Repair 
  • IPhone  Start Up Circuit Work Flow and Troubleshooting 
  • Demonstration of iPhone X Motherboard Separation
  • IPhone Start Up Circuit Troubleshooting Practice
  • iPhone Display And Touch Circuit Work Flow and Troubleshooting Introduction
  • iPhone Charging & USB Circuit Troubleshooting Practice
  • Jumping Wire Skills Introduction
  • iPhone  Audio Circuit + Wi-Fi Circuit Work Flow and Troubleshooting Introduction
  • iPhone Audio Circuit Troubleshooting Practice How to Solder Connectors
  • iPhone Baseband / RF Circuit Work Flow and Troubleshooting Introduction
  • NAND Flash Memory Upgrading Q&A Graduation Ceremony
  • Use hot air blower to remove components.
  • Use soldering station to remove components.
  • Point to point jumper.
  • Jump circuit board.
  • Clean black glue from motherboard.
  • Remove and install BGA IC.
  • Clean black glue from BGA IC.
  • Based on test.
  • Draw schematic.
  • Broken board to practice and repair.
  • Basic Schematic.
  • Power on Schematic.
  • Baseband Schematic.
  • Display Schematic.
  • Touch Schematic.
  • Signal, Schematic.
  • Sim Schematic.
  • Home Button Schematic.
  • Camera Schematic.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Schematic.
  • Ear Phone, Speaker, Mic Schematic.
  • i2C problem.
  • Sync Schematic.
  • Charging Schematic.
  • Loud Speaker, Vibration, Audio ic.
  • GPS+Gyro+Phosphorous+Cyclone
  • Ambient light sensor, PROX.
  • Theory + Practical + Actual combat from benginner to intermediate master level.
  • Examination.
  • CPU Advance Course, disassemble and assemble (A8, A9, A10, A11)
  • Fingerprint Class, Fingerprint jumped, point to point jumped, imesa (5S, 6G, 6P, 6S, 6SP, 7G, 7P, 8G, 8P).
  • Face ID Schematic.
  • Transplant motherboard
  • Oscilloscope Class
  • I phone all model circuit training I phone 5 to 11pro max
  • (1,2,6,7,9,10,11,13,14,15,21,26,28,29,32,35,40,47,51,53,5
  • 6,91,100,1002,1003,1005,1013,1611,1602,1669,2001,200
  • 3,2005,2009,3004,3014,3194,3503,4005,4013,4014,4015


  • IPhone Deep Data Recovery Process Introduction Introduction The Use Of CNC Grinding Machine, EEPROM Programmer, NAND Programmer, I Recover (Special Equipment for Data Recovering) Demo Show Of Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 7,x
  • Practice Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 7,x
  • Demo Show Of Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 6
  • Practice Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 6
  • Android Mobile phone (SAMSUNG) Data Recovery Process Introduction
  • Free Practice Of Whole Data Recovery Process Q & A
  • How to do data recovery &
    unlock iCloud?
  • Can you do CPU? Warm Tips step
    by step for resoldering CPU.
  • How to use a grinding machine?
    Hand on guidance for grinding machine
  • How can we get the data if the
    motherboard is broken into halves?
    iPhone7 deep data recovery process.
  • What are the common issues related to CPU and
    how to troubleshoot them?
    iPhone X common issue troubleshooting way. Warm Tips
    when separating the iPhone X motherboard. 
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  • Online, Class लिन सक्नुहुने
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  • Practical time मा हरेक Student लाई per person CRO Microscope, DC Supply, Hotgun, Iron, allset, दिएर Training गराईने छ ।