IPhone Data Recovery

Technician Level Course (Min 3 hrs to 8 hrs class) : IPhone Data Recovery

IPhone Data recovery is the recovery of all the data in the iPhone due to deletion, Device Damage, iOS upgrade and also looping recovery mode & Apple white screen including the text messages, contacts, Photos, App data and much more .This Data recovery is done by using different Apple official tools and other recovery tools .Allaince will make you to familiar with all the software issue and also offer best iPhone repairing training  based  on software using different recovery tools.  All the training is practical based repairing training in alliance.


  • IPhone Deep Data Recovery Process Introduction Introduction The Use Of CNC Grinding Machine, EEPROM Programmer, NAND Programmer, I Recover (Special Equipment for Data Recovering) Demo Show Of Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 7,x
  • Practice Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 7,x
  • Demo Show Of Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 6
  • Practice Deep Data Recovery for iPhone 6
  • Android Mobile phone (SAMSUNG) Data Recovery Process Introduction
  • Free Practice Of Whole Data Recovery Process Q & A
  • How to do data recovery &
    unlock iCloud?
  • Can you do CPU? Warm Tips step
    by step for resoldering CPU.
  • How to use a grinding machine?
    Hand on guidance for grinding machine
  • How can we get the data if the
    motherboard is broken into halves?
    iPhone7 deep data recovery process.
  • What are the common issues related to CPU and
    how to troubleshoot them?
    iPhone X common issue troubleshooting way. Warm Tips
    when separating the iPhone X motherboard.