Hardware Concept

Computer Hardware : Hardware Concept

Computer Hardware Concept

Computer Hardware are all the physical parts of computer which can be touch and seen. Hardware is often categorized into input, output, and storage or processing components. Monitor, printer, projector etc. comes under the Output components while keyboard, mouse, touchpad, joystick etc. can be categorized under the Input components. Likewise, in the storage component hard disk, floppy disk, DVD, RAM, ROM are categorized and in the processing component Central processing unit (CPU) Graphics processing unit (GPU) Motherboard, Network, card Sound card, Video card etc. are found.

 Alliance is Nepal’s no 1 chip level training center to providing the Best Training on Hardware component of Desktop, Laptop, and Android & Mac with Basic to advance level training on all the hardware parts with Chip level training, Board level training and circuit level training in Kathmandu. Alliance also repairs all the types of laptop, computer, printer, TV, android and mac of different brands with all accessories are available.

On the Course Contain of Hardware Concept we have :


  • -Full electronic details.
  • -Different architecture all section training.
  • -Different architecture schematic and CRO base training, BGA Chip Reballing, Latest bios editing (more course details Visit office).
  • Online, Class लिन सक्नुहुने
  • एक पटक office अबस्य visit गर्नु होला ।
  • Pratical time मा हरेक Student लाई per person CRO Microscope, DC Supply, Hotgun, Iron, all set,  दिएर Training गराईनेछ ।