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Computer Hardware : Assemble, Branded, Gaming

Alliance also  vendors Assemble desktop Branded Desktop as well as  all Gaming computer for best gaming purpose  including gaming processor , motherboard , gaming graphic , Gaming  keyboard, mouse & Headset  with Gaming Monitors as well as other desktop computer  including all the brand like Sony ,hp, Dell ,Acer etc.We sell the Branded laptop and other Accessories of different Brand like Apple, Sony, hp, Dell, Acer etc. as well as we provide different training to repair this desktop computer with a qualified lab and technicians.

Our course contain are :-

Advance Desktop Training
• All Desktop Motherboard Block Diagram
• Desktop All Section
• Desktop Circuit
• All Testing Equipment
• BGA Reballing
• BIOS Programmer
• DC Power Supply
• Circuit Tasting By CRO
• Real Problems And Solution


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