Android Mobile Hardware

Technician Level Course (Min 3 hrs to 8 hrs class) : Android Mobile Hardware

Mobile hardware Training  is for fixing the mobile phone that has an hardware issue on different components like Touch screen ,Battery, IC, Board, microphone etc. Some simple issue can be easily fixed with the replacement of faulty parts while major issue need good knowledge on components and other equipment like soldering iron, Multimeter , Hot air gun etc. are needed. For mobile repairing training in Kathmandu, alliance is best solution for new beginners. Alliance is providing student an advance level training for repairing of mobile hardware including all the components of board with IC repairing.

Mobile Hardware

  • Use of millimeter (hot & cold Test)
  • What is Voltage: – Ampere and its Differences?
  •  How to Analyze and Diagnose Dead Handsets?
  •  What are Primary and Secondary Sections in Android circuits?
  •  How Power Supply Section does affect Booting of Mobile?
  •  How Does CPU works with eMMC, Power IC & other circuits.
  •  What is CORE and LOGIC Section?
  •  How to Unmounts and Mount all types of IC in PCB?
  •  What is the Process to Chip Off any Glued or Pasted IC?
  •  How to make Under IC jumper and USING OF UV GLUE and UV Torch?
  •  What is Blinking, Hang on logo & Boot Loop?
  •  How Different Types of Voltages Divided in Android Circuits?
  • What is Temperature LOW & HIGH Faults?
  • What are L2C LINES and its working?
  •  How to BYPASS {Some IC}?
  •  How to repair Damaged Tracks?
  •  How to Identify Damaged PADS are NC PADS?
  •  How to Identify IC and its Working?
  •  What is the Role of LOW voltage and HIGH ampere in Mobile Phone
  •  Some tips and tricks to find fault in Android smartphones.
  •  What are Buck and Boost Converter?

Every Student will get a microscope indiviually.