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Android is compatible with a wide range of hardware components. The components present in a device change from one manufacturer to another and from one model to another. However, there are some components that are found in most mobile devices.  Commonly found components of an Android device are central processing unit (CPU), Baseband processor, Memory, SD Card, Display, Battery, board, microphone etc.
Alliance is providing top level android repairing training in kathmandu including all the advance chip level training to fix all the hardware issue on boards and other component as well as software problem likes logo stuck , boot loop of different brand phone like mi , Samsung, sony, gionee, etc



  •  Different between boot repair
  •  Easy J Tag & UFI Box full training
  • Upgrade MEMORY
  • Clean dump files
  • Recover data from hardware dead phone
  • Flow of circuit with EMMC and cpu with schematic
  • Basic idea of smart phone software, files, EMMC chip, working
  • Types of EMMC chip detail (BGA169/153, BGA162/186, BGA221
  •  Chip pin out with socket detail
  •  Different Between EMMC, UFS, EMCP.
  • How to check smartphones EMMC.
  •  All EMMC working chart like which point in use and non-used pins in EMMC
  •  Definition & Use of VCC, VCCQ, CLK, CMD, DATA, VID.
  • Definition & Use of ISP Pin out
  • USE Easy JTag Plus & UFI Box For RE Programming EMMC /EMCP.
  • How to Read Dump and Rom
  • How to Write Dump and Rom
  • How to Erase Dump and Rom
  • How to Read / Write Partition file Use “Read By Vendor” & “Write By
  • Vendor”
  • How to EMMC Changes CID.
  • How to Remove Write Protection for EMMC.
  • How to use and deferent between Factory Reset, Format & Universal
  • Factory Format
  •  How to Use S.M.A.R.T Report for checking Health Report for EMMC.
  • How to Use Random Verify EMMC for Checking Read Wirth Speed.
  • How to Read Dump and Rom
  • How to Repair EXTCSD file for Dead Boot Repairing
  • How to Remove FRP Lock.
  • How to Android Pin Lock Pattern Lock without Data Lost.
  • How to Unlock MI Account ID Without Data Lost
  • How to Unlock Vivo and Oppo,And latest model without Dead Risk (Safe Mode).
  •  How to Unlocking use By ISP Pin out
  • DATA RECOVERY FROM DEAD SMARTPHONE EMMC (android non -encrypted)
  • How to recovery data from dead android smartphone ( non-Encrypted and encrypted)
  •  How to read EMMC user data
  • Recover Contact, Message, What apps, Image etc from EMMC.
  • EMMC Re Partition & RE PROGRAMMING
  •  How to Hardware Partition Boot 2/3, RPMP
  •  How to GPT (General Partition Table) Partition & Re Size Partition.
  • How to Solve Bad Health.
  •  How to Write Protect Boot & GP Partition.
  •  How Unpack OPPO Vivo OFP File, Lenovo QSB, Sony SIN,
  • MOTO File, Tot/Kdz File, convert Images File.
  •  How Read eMMC Chip Info & Check Compatiblele EMMC IC 
  • About basic computer knowledge
  • How to use computer
  • Basic networking and uses of internet
  • Hanging problem
  • No signal / Dead set
  • PHONE Restoring
  • Security code
  • Android Hard Reset
  • Flashing and Formatting
  • IPhone Factory Unlocking
  • Mobile Phone Upgrading
  • Flashing, formatting, file back-up, user unlocking
  • All type Mobile phone flashing (software installation)
  • All type of unlocking User Lock, Pattern lock, FRP lock, SIM/Country lock..… Etc.
  • Mobile IMEI number repairing
  • Mobile software repairing by code number
  • Special Mobile software box Training with crack box
  • How to install windows driver and mobile application software on computer
  •  How to download mobile flashing file, driver, mobile application on internet
  • Repairing all types of software problem software flashing, dead, restart,
    on/off, hang etc.
  • Special tips & tricks for software repairing

                       Software flashing using
Online & office tool with crack box – All series mobile
Special Box Training
Z3x Pro, Octopus, Merical, Sony Fusion, Infinity Bst, Cm2, Jumars, MRT,BEST, Oppo, Mi Chimera Etc. (Mimi. 10 to 15 Software box training

                              Mobile Hardware

  • Use of millimeter (hot & cold Test)
  • What is Voltage: – Ampere and its Differences?
  •  How to Analyze and Diagnose Dead Handsets?
  •  What are Primary and Secondary Sections in Android circuits?
  •  How Power Supply Section does affect Booting of Mobile?
  •  How Does CPU works with eMMC, Power IC & other circuits.
  •  What is CORE and LOGIC Section?
  •  How to Unmounts and Mount all types of IC in PCB?
  •  What is the Process to Chip Off any Glued or Pasted IC?
  •  How to make Under IC jumper and USING OF UV GLUE and UV Torch?
  •  What is Blinking, Hang on logo & Boot Loop?
  •  How Different Types of Voltages Divided in Android Circuits?
  • What is Temperature LOW & HIGH Faults?
  • What are L2C LINES and its working?
  •  How to BYPASS {Some IC}?
  •  How to repair Damaged Tracks?
  •  How to Identify Damaged PADS are NC PADS?
  •  How to Identify IC and its Working?
  •  What is the Role of LOW voltage and HIGH ampere in Mobile Phone
  •  Some tips and tricks to find fault in Android smartphones.
  •  What are Buck and Boost Converter? 

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