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If you are just scrolling for the best computer repair course in Putalisadak then your search is over. If you are in Kathmandu and looking to start or advance your career in computer repair, Alliance Pvt. Ltd. in Putalisadak offers a comprehensive computer repair course designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge. In today’s technology-driven world, computers play an integral role in both personal and professional spheres. As the reliance on computers grows, so does the demand for skilled professionals who can repair and maintain these essential devices.

About Alliance Pvt. Ltd.

Alliance Pvt. Ltd., located in the bustling area of Putalisadak, Kathmandu, is a premier training center known for its exceptional educational programs. With years of experience in the field, Alliance Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a trusted institution for technical education. The center is dedicated to providing high-quality training that meets industry standards, ensuring that students are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

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  • Location: Putalisadak, Kathmandu
  • Phone: 01-4168211, 9851174406, 9841030824
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Why Choose a Computer Repair Course?

A computer repair course is an excellent investment for several reasons:

  1. High Demand for Technicians: With the increasing use of computers in various sectors, there is a growing need for skilled technicians who can diagnose and fix computer issues.
  2. Diverse Career Opportunities: Completing a computer repair course opens doors to various career paths, including working as a technician in repair shops, IT departments, or starting your own repair business.
  3. Continuous Learning: The field of computer repair is constantly evolving, providing opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth.
Computer Repair Course in Putalisadak
Computer Repair Course in Putalisadak

Course Overview at Alliance Pvt. Ltd.

The computer repair course at Alliance Pvt. Ltd. covers a wide range of topics to ensure comprehensive learning. Here’s a detailed overview of what the course entails:

1. Basic Computer Hardware and Software

  • Introduction to computer components and their functions
  • Understanding different types of software and their uses
  • Installing and configuring operating systems

2. Troubleshooting and Repair

  • Diagnosing hardware and software issues
  • Techniques for repairing common hardware problems
  • Steps to resolve software-related issues
  • Data recovery methods

3. Advanced Hardware Repair

  • Detailed study of motherboard, CPU, RAM, and storage devices
  • Repairing and replacing defective components
  • Understanding power supply and troubleshooting power-related issues

4. Networking Basics

  • Introduction to computer networks and their components
  • Setting up and troubleshooting local area networks (LAN)
  • Configuring routers and switches

5. Security and Maintenance

  • Best practices for maintaining computer systems
  • Implementing security measures to protect against malware and viruses
  • Regular maintenance routines to enhance system performance

Hands-On Training

At Alliance Pvt. Ltd., the emphasis is on practical, hands-on training. Students work with real hardware and software, gaining valuable experience in diagnosing and repairing actual computer issues. This practical approach ensures that graduates are job-ready and confident in their skills.

Experienced Instructors

The instructors at Alliance Pvt. Ltd. are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the field of computer repair. They bring their real-world knowledge into the classroom, providing insights that go beyond textbooks. The instructors are dedicated to helping students succeed, offering personalized attention and support throughout the course.

Career Support

Alliance Pvt. Ltd. goes beyond training by offering career support to its students. This includes assistance with job placement, resume writing, and interview preparation. The center has established connections with various businesses and organizations, helping graduates find employment opportunities that match their skills and interests.

Flexible Learning Options

Understanding that students have different schedules and commitments, Alliance Pvt. Ltd. offers flexible learning options. There are various batches available, including weekend and evening classes, allowing students to choose a schedule that suits their needs.


Many students have benefited from the computer repair course at Alliance Pvt. Ltd. Here are a few testimonials:

  • Prakash Sharma: “The computer repair course at Alliance Pvt. Ltd. was a game-changer for me. The hands-on training and expert instructors prepared me well for my career. I now run my own repair shop and couldn’t be happier.”
  • Sita Pandey: “I highly recommend Alliance Pvt. Ltd. The course was comprehensive, and the practical experience was invaluable. The career support helped me land a job as a technician in a leading IT company.”
  • Ramesh Thapa: “Alliance Pvt. Ltd. offers the best computer repair course in Kathmandu. The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive, and the training center is well-equipped with the latest tools and technology.”

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Enroll Today

If you are looking to start a rewarding career in computer repair, Alliance Pvt. Ltd. in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, is the place to be. With a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and hands-on training, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in this field. Don’t miss the opportunity to join a growing industry and make a difference with your technical expertise.

Contact Alliance Pvt. Ltd. today to enroll in the computer repair course:

  • Phone: 01-4168211, 9851174406, 9841030824
  • Email:
  • Location: Putalisadak, Kathmandu

If You are looking for any kind of Services related to Apple (ios/mac) visit Nepal Apple Support.

Embark on your journey to becoming a skilled computer repair technician with Alliance Pvt. Ltd. and take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career.

How To Care Computer (Bonus Tips)

Keeping your computer in good shape will ensure it runs smoothly and lasts for years. Here are some key ways to care for your computer:

  • Cleanliness: Regularly remove dust from the vents and keyboard to prevent overheating. Wipe down the screen with a microfiber cloth to maintain clarity.
  • Software Maintenance: Install updates for your operating system and programs to get the latest security patches and performance improvements. Additionally, run regular antivirus scans to protect your data from malware.
  • Organization: Uninstall programs you don’t use to free up storage space. Consider using a disk cleanup tool to remove temporary files and clutter.
  • Safeguarding: Use a surge protector to shield your computer from electrical spikes. Back up your important files regularly in case of hardware failure.

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23 June 2024

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